Clean Slate Pledge FAQs

General FAQs

How long has Slate Pages been providing service?

Slate Pages was spun out of a manufacturing company, ThermaXX, LLC. ThermaXX is a world leader in removable insulation jackets. In 2013, Thermaxx developed an app (Slate Pages) to help manage its production assets. Hundreds of thousand jackets have, and continue to be, built and managed using the Slate Pages app. In January 2016, The Slate Pages, LLC was spun out of ThermaXX to provide asset management solutions for additional markets. Slate Pages currently provides services for more than 500,000 Slates, and over 1,000 customers, in the following markets:

  • Facilities
  • Health & Safety
  • Energy
  • Water & Wastewater
  • EMS & Fire
  • Property
  • General Trades

What is the Clean Slate Pledge?

The Clean Slate Pledge empowers business owners to let their customers know that their health & safety is a top priority. The pledge is printed on a decal along with your unique QR code and is to be displayed in your storefront. The Clean Slate Pledge states, “We pledge to place health and safety above all else.” It also lists the actions that can be tracked using the Slate Pages app: health checks, hand washing, and sanitizing. Finally, the pledge vows to make these records transparent for customers who can access by scanning the QR code on the decal.

How Do I Get A Clean Slate Pledge Decal For My Business?

Clean Slate Pledge decal kits can be purchased directly online at

Are There Subscription Fees Or Recurring Fees Involved With The Clean Slate Pledge?

There are no subscription fees or recurring costs associated with Slate Pages. You simply pay for the Slates or Clean Slate Pledge decals you need, and access to the app is included.

Is there a limit to the number of users allowed on my Slate Pages account?

There is no limit to the number of Slate Pages app users you are permitted. You can have as many users as required. Every employee will scan the same QR Code and perform their personal health check.

Can I Build or Customize Inspections Using The Slate Pages App?

Yes. Slate Pages is highly customizable and is built to track any information you need to track using more than a dozen information field types.

Do I Have The Option To Make My Inspections & Other Records Public?

Yes. You can choose what information is made public for your customers.

Do My Customers Need To Have The Slate Pages App To View My Public Records?

No. Customers will be able to access the information directly from their browser. 


Is Slate Pages HIPPA & ADA Compliant?

The HIPAA Privacy Rule only applies to health plans, health care clearinghouses, and those health care providers that transmit health information electronically in connection with certain administrative and financial transactions (“covered transactions”). Other entities must still comply with ADA requirements, which specify that all medical information about an individual be stored separately from their personnel file, thus limiting access to this confidential information. The “Clean Slate” is considered a separate file as long as it is not used for other purposes, and you should ensure that those with access to the auth code, which enables viewing of Clean Slate related health information, are only those that would have access to health records.

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Does The Slate Pages Use A Secure Connection?

Slate Pages uses standard SSL technology to provide a secure and trusted connection between the application server and clients. This is clearly denoted by the “https” shown in the URL and certificate details are available on most web browsers. The encryption algorithm is AES 256. All communication to and from Slate Pages are secured through this method. 

Is My Data Secure? 

There are numerous security controls and features in place on Microsoft Azure that are best addressed on the Microsoft Azure Trust Center:  The term “secure” should not be confused with data encryption—Slate Pages does NOT encrypt data, with the exception of user credentials, at this time. 

Is The Slate Pages’ Data Center Certified And/Or Compliant With Any Standards? 

While Slate Pages does not operate a data center or host any infrastructure, the Microsoft Azure platform is independently audited and verified by numerous parties and provides a complete listing of certifications and adherence to regulatory compliance programs here:

Is My Data Backed Up And Recoverable? 

Since The Slate Pages uses Azure SQL Database (Standard Tier) there are numerous features in place to provide fault tolerance, data backups, and recovery of data should the need arise. At any time, there are multiple replicas of The Slate Pages’ database running to protect against hardware failure or the loss of an entire replica database.

Who Has Access To My Data? 

Anybody with access to a Slate can scan the QR code and view the data with the Slate Pages app or a QR code reader.  Slates are editable only with an authorized access code.  Access codes are assigned to a specific owner and can be changed or revoked at the owner’s request.

Can Someone Guess My URL?

No - there are 68x10^22 possible slate access codes.  To put it in perspective, that’s more possibilities than there are grains of sand on this planet.

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