Clean Slate Package with 3 Decals
Clean Slate Package with 3 Decals

Clean Slate Package with 3 Decals


The Clean Slate Package with 3 Decals Includes:

  • Unlimited downloads of Slate Pages smartphone app
  • (1) Admin account
  • (1) Account QR code
  • (1) Clean Slate Decal Pack, mailed separately upon QR code activation
  • Detailed User Manual Instructions

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What Is A Clean Slate?

Give Your Customers Peace Of Mind With A Clean Slate

Opening your business post-COVID, customers will want to be certain that you’ve implemented a protocol to ensure regular employee health screenings, hand washing, and sanitization and a system to enforce that protocol amongst your staff. That certainty & peace of mind will only come through transparency. Making your employee health screenings, hand washing, and facility sanitization logs accessible to your customers directly on their smartphones proves that you care about their well being and are taking all necessary precautions.

Take The Clean Slate Pledge

The Clean Slate package features three decals containing a unique QR code that comforts your customers by validating that you are performing cleaning and health check activities. The days of restroom cleaning logs being printed, posted, and forgotten about are long gone. In addition to a functioning QR code, the Clean Slate entrance decal also states the Clean Slate Pledge which publicly notifies your customers of your commitment to their health & safety:

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Give Your Customers Peace Of Mind

Take The Clean Slate Pledge

Clean Slate Pledge

Employee Health Checks

Enable your team to record & view employee health screenings, avoiding the spread of illness. Share anonymized activity data with your customers.

Hand Washing

Give your customers peace of mind by ensuring your entire team regularly washes their hands by recording and reporting on activity.


Sanitize frequently touched surfaces in your facility to prevent germs from spreading. Share your cleaning & inspection records with your customers.

What's Included?

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